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Christianity's Essential Events

When my wife & I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, our 4 children shared important things they really valued in us as parents.  It was interesting to note what they did and didn't share.  None thanked us for 'things' we'd bought them, nor for any the 20+ recreational ball teams of theirs I'd coached.  None mentioned the 100's of ballgames or school events we drove them to & attended.  They shared about events & traditions we shared as a family along with what we taught them.
I realized that day that  much of our activity & business to "better" our children's lives didn't have the value I gave it at the time.  This can be true both for personal families & God's family - the church. My previous church had so many ministries & acitivities.  In hindsight, all this activity may have  been more busy than bonding; and separated us more than united us.   
As my parents aged,  I found it ironic that their faith grew a lot in their last decade when they when they could do the least.  But they could still worship, pray, read God's Word, and love others.  Their faith blessed me their entire adult life, but did so more in their last decade than any other.
In Luke 10, is a story of Mary & Martha  hosting Jesus & his disciples at their home.  Martha is very busy with preparations, but Mary chose to sit at Jesus' feet and listen to him.  Martha though she was doing what was more important, but Jesus told her that Mary chose what was better.
The book of Acts in the Bible, records the history of the early Christian church.  When it first began, Acts 2 gives us a picture of a church devoted to Biblical teaching, to prayer, to worship, and to the fellowship of loving & caring for each other.  Here at Hope Alive, we value the timeless essentials of Biblical teaching, prayer, worship, & fellowship.
Pastor Dennis Cupery
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